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Date: july 2017 (schoolyear 2/4)

City Game: webapp

Customer: school assignment

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For this project we have been to Berlin for 4 days. We were given the task of taking a lot of pictures in Berlin and taking a good look. After returning, we were given the task of thinking about our experiences in Berlin and then thinking about a problem we encountered in Berlin. That problem we had to turn into an online and offline game that work together.

I had experienced in Berlin that we went to many museums, but we did not know much of those museums. As a result, most were uninterested.

Issue: How do you make young school students on a school trip more interested in the city they go?

The game: First you form 2 or more teams. Then you get a map with all places in Berlin where you can go. When you open the app, you can scan one of the designated places, go there with your team and if the GPS sees you in the location, you will see an informative video about that location. Then you will get a few questions about the video or questions that you need to find answers on-the-spot. After that, you can pick up one new spot on the map to scan again. After each point has finished you get points for speed and the number of good questions. Those who have won the most points at the end have won.

Solution: The game will educate students in a playful way and learn more about the top attractions in Berlin. Due to the race element and the winning element, students will be interested in knowing about Berlin so that they can answer the questions.